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So what makes Avanti the go-to inspection company in Northern Virginia?

The short answer would be, Greater Value, Tailored Services, Educational & service driven 

The Long Answer:

Prices tend to be a reflection of quality and energy. Avanti provides you with an expert who doesn’t work at “the bare minimum” that the state requires during an inspection. Our inspectors spend the time needed on a home inspection to make sure every detail is covered for our valued clients. We then spend additional time to write out the reports needed to conduct the research and provide you with a detailed quality report that is digestible and clear. 

It’s easy to think that all home inspection companies are the same, Avanti separates itself from other home inspection companies in Northern Virginia based on its principles,  Quality, Efficiency, Service. 

It’s important to look at the features a home inspector has to offer with the services provided, and we’ve been fortunate to gain a track record and a history of success stories over the years.


Our 5 Year Warranty

You Get a lot more when you choose Avanti Home Inspections

It’s not just about protecting your investment, but also protecting you, and your family. Avanti’s home inspectors understand this and take their profession very serious because we’re all family members. 

Our Warranty and Client Protection Program protect you against surprises that show up when you take possession of your new home that were not evident at the time of the inspection. Also included with each inspection we offer you technical advice for as long as you own the property